Coffee. Cats. Cuddles.


A Non-Profit Cat Café Experience

Kickstarter Campaign

Donate to the Caturday Café & Lounge. There is no minimum donation amount!
All donations will be allocated to resident cats and kittens, including but not limited to:
necessary medical care, toys, stimulating play areas, updates to Caturday as required by the health department and ever-changing rules and regulations.

Also accepting donations via PayPal:


Lounge & Kitties

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Resident kitties will be free to roam around while you're hanging out and will enjoy scritches and play-time. You never know, you may meet your new bestie!

About Caturday


Caturday Café Lounge strives to bring humans and kitties together through free interaction in our space that allows cats to show their true, loving personalities.

Café & Drinks


A beverage is included with admission and Caturday has a separate café-only seating area, should you want to admire the kitties from afar while sipping away.


Caturday Café & Lounge - A Non-Profit 501(c)(3)