Caturday Lounge strives to bring humans and kitties together through more open interaction in our spacious, relaxing lounge! In our space, cats can flaunt their true, loving personalities so you can see how unique they really are!
This platform creates more favorable adoptions and forever bonds. (Less shelter surrenders!)
Our lounge is perfect for relaxation and kitty therapy!

Cat Lounge Visits & Adoptions


Our Cat Lounge is home to adoptable cats through MeoowzResQ, our inaugural and current rescue partner! Paid admission into the lounge gives you access to the main lounge area where you can relax, play, and snuggle with the cats. Caturday Lounge is a non-profit facilitating therapeutic lounge sessions with kitty therapy as well as hosting cat adoptions, should you find a furry friend you vibe really well with!

( Age Requirement for the main Cat Lounge is 6+ )