Caturday Café strives to bring humans and kitties together through more open interaction.
In our space, cats can flaunt their true, loving personalities so you can see how unique they really are!
This platform creates more favorable adoptions and forever bonds. (Less shelter surrenders!)

Cat Lounge Visits & Adoptions

Adoptable cats and kittens are in a safe, closed-off cat-ified environment.
Admission includes a beverage and access to this area - which means an hour of play and snuggle time with the kitties! You may just meet your new best buddy!

Café & Cat-Viewing

Café drinks and prepackaged snackies will be available. All donations go to Caturday providing opportunities for humans and cats to meet furr life! There will still be limited viewing space available for those who do not want to go inside the lounge.

( Age Requirement for Cat Lounge is 8+  |  Café is 100% Vegan Friendly )

Venmo – CaturdayDTSA



A special thank you to my very close friends and colleagues, as well as my family, for believing in us, and for any support offered to us. Your support means everything.

Silas Q • Monique R • Peter R • Sue B • Kit F • Gayle P • The Creative Fund • Amberly L • Doug H • James H • Clayton H • Irene • John D • Megan S • Jaime R • Todd B • Stacey O • Eric L • Rory • Kate • TopazKitty • David L • Luis S F • Julianne L • Mike S • Marcus H • Lisa T • Jillian B • Harli D • Naomi • Chloe D • Celina G • Skylar G-P • Ryan S • Maddy M • Traci M • Nathan K • Dray • Barbie B • Karamia G • Rena L • Barbara B • Metztli C
…and several other anonymous donors!

Caturday Café & Lounge