Caturday is a non-profit coffee & cat adoption facility located in central OC on a mission to bring humans and kitties together with favorable adoptions!

What is a cat café and why are you doing this?

Great question! Originating in Japan, a cat café is a small coffee shop or lounge where cat lovers, enthusiasts, and admirers pay a small fee for a session in the lounge that includes a beverage while you get to play with kittens and cats. In Japan, it's difficult to find places to live that allow live-in companion animals. Enter the solution to this terrible problem: cat cafés! 

Although it's more common to have household felines in the United States, establishments are starting to appear in larger metropolitan areas, for quite a few reasons! 

The cat cafés and lounges do several things - they save lives and enrich others. They provide homes for healthy, adoptable kitties that would have otherwise been overlooked at a local pound or shelter because they were uncomfortable.

They provide a different and stimulating environment in which to relax and enjoy the company of cats. They relieve resources from local animal rescues in California, where it is kitten season all year, and rescue groups can have up to 900 residents or more at a time!

The best part of all is that patrons can adopt these cute little furballs. Inside the lounge, every day is Caturday!


Why cafés like this operate:

Adoptable cats from the lounge will be attached to local rescues or shelters, freeing up resources to save more furry lives!

  • Caturday Lounge will continuously bring cats into a less stressful environment where they are more likely to showcase their true, loving personalities - significantly increasing their chances of being adopted into a compatible home, while being socialized daily!

  • The lounge is also a great space for those who are curious about cats to see how unique, fun, and loving they really are! Meow!

  • All net-proceeds are allocated to cat care and maintenance of the facility, making sure each and every cat resident has proper care and are ready for their forever homes! Caturday Café & Lounge is a 501(c)3 non-profit LLC.


Staying consistent with our ideologies, Caturday Café & Lounge will be a 100% plant-based establishment to further help us with our conservation efforts, and ensure we can welcome all guests!




Do I need to book a visit to the cat lounge ahead of time?

  • Walk-in visits are available. However, we have a limited capacity in our cat lounge, so we suggest booking ahead of time. Walk-in space is on first-come, first-served system, and all parties must be present.

Can I bring my own cat to Caturday Café & Lounge?

  • While we love all cats, we do not allow outside cats or animals into the cafe.
    It would not be fun for our kitties or yours! (Trust us on this one.)

Are the kitties adoptable?

  • Yes! There will be adoptable kitties at any given time and the number will fluctuate. If you think you’ve connected with your furr-ever friend, please let any one of the Caturday staff know!

Where do the cats come from?

  • We are proud to partner with MeoowzResQ, an Orange County non-profit rescue and adoption run entirely on a foster-based system! All cats and kittens are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas and parasites, and litter-box trained and are ready to go home with you! 😺

Is there parking at the café?

  • We do not have dedicated parking for the café, but there is ample street, lot, and structure parking nearby.
    Metered street and structure parking is free on Sundays in Santa Ana where noted.

Is there an age restriction for the cat lounge?

  • Only visitors 8+ will be admitted into the Cat Lounge. Children aged 7-12 must have one (1) Parent or Guardian for each two (2) children present (paid admission req.)
    Keep in mind, we are creating a relaxed environment for our cats and human visitors - if there happens to be continued disruption from someone in the lounge, we may ask them to leave without a refund. ;(

Are the cats spayed/neutered and vaccinated?

  • All cats will be spayed/neutered and vaccinated before arriving at our lounge.

Why are the cats sleeping during my visit? 

  • Cats are creatures that require a lot of sleep, and they can sleep anywhere from 14 to 18 hours a day and are crepuscular! They are most active in the mornings and evenings but can be awake throughout the day. 

What if I am running late?

  • 10 minutes past the booking hour, we will open your reserved spot(s) for walk-in(s).
    We ask you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment to allow yourself time to check in and for us to make your beverage fresh!

Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

  • There are instructions to cancel or reschedule in your "Booking Confirmation" email.
    Please only book for spots you intend to fill.

Is it possible to book the cat lounge for a special event?

  • Yes! Please contact for details.

Can my child under 8 years old enter the cat lounge? What if my child has seen all of the episodes of My Cat From Hell?

  • While impressive, Caturday does not make exceptions to our age policy. Thank you for your understanding.