Caturday Café strives to bring humans and kitties together through more open interaction.
In our space, cats can flaunt their true, loving personalities so you can see how unique they really are!
This platform creates more favorable adoptions and forever bonds. (Less shelter surrenders!)

Cat Lounge Visits & Adoptions

Adoptable cats and kittens are in a safe, closed-off cat-ified environment.
Admission includes a beverage and access to this area - which means an hour of play and snuggle time with the kitties! You may just meet your new best buddy!

Café & Cat-Viewing

Café drinks and prepackaged snackies will be available. All donations go to Caturday providing opportunities for humans and cats to meet furr life! There will still be limited viewing space available for those who do not want to go inside the lounge.

( Age Requirement for Cat Lounge is 8+  |  Café is 100% Vegan Friendly )

Venmo – CaturdayDTSA



February 26th, 2019

We are making progress on the interior of the cafe and are starting to receive all of our equipment so we are able to bring you beverages during your visits. Now our project moves faster until we OPEN!
Grand opening details to be released in the coming weeks - trust us,
we are soooo excited! Thank you for your patience!

January 25th, 2019

Furriends! Huge milestone - plans have been submitted to the health department for Caturday!
Waiting on approval will make us antsy, but we’re hoping for a timely approval so we can get started on the construction!
Thankfully, there is not too much to be done, but we cannot start until we get the ‘go ahead.’
Thanks for your patience as always! We are at the mercy of the city right now,
but know that when it’s in our hands we move fast! A quicker approval will obviously mean opening sooner…
Stay tuned!

January 3rd, 2019

What an exciting holiday season this has been! We are too excited to share that we have officially closed the lease on our space for CATURDAY! Thank you for all your patience throughout these last few months. At times it was very tough to wait and exercise patience, but we believe our choice to fight and acquire the space we chose will benefit our overall vision to make your visit more magical!
We have a ways to go, but now the ball (of yarn) can get rolling on our project and our wonderful backers can see their contributions in full force - and those who want in on the ride can join us in our journey!

Another special thank you to everyone who filled out their surveys and sent pictures of their kitties to us
for the e-book. We appreciate you and your beautiful fur-children!

To follow our progress, connect with us @CaturdayLounge on Instagram or CATURDAY on Kickstarter.

October 16th, 2018

Caturday has officially secured funding from our successful Kickstarter campaign. THANK YOU to everyone who pledged and those who shared the project! It helped more than you know!
Speaking of Kickstarter… rewards!
Enamel pins have been designed, molded, and shipped and are en route. Messages will be sent shortly for mailing addresses so enamel pins may be sent to backers! If you pledged, be on the lookout for that message!

September 26th, 2018

To everyone who pledged and believes in Caturday and our mission. We are so excited to share this with you!
Kickstarter Campaign:
Caturday Cafe & Lounge: 100% funded!

A special thank you to my very close friends and colleagues, as well as my family, for believing in us, and for any support offered to us. Your support means everything.

Silas Q • Monique R • Peter R • Sue B • Kit F • Gayle P • The Creative Fund • Amberly L • Doug H • James H • Clayton H • Irene • John D • Megan S • Jaime R • Todd B • Stacey O • Eric L • Rory • Kate • TopazKitty • David L • Luis S F • Julianne L • Mike S • Marcus H • Lisa T • Jillian B • Harli D • Naomi • Chloe D • Celina G • Skylar G-P • Ryan S • Maddy M • Traci M • Nathan K • Dray • Barbie B • Karamia G • Rena L • Barbara B • Metztli C
…and several other anonymous donors!

Caturday Café & Lounge