Have cats or kittens? Read!

This is a self-start guide to help you with what to do if you have cats you cannot keep, need to re-home, or need to learn to properly care for.

Did you find kittens? First order of business is identifying the kittens’ age! This helps enormously with you caring properly for a kitten and being able to tell a rescue what kind of situation you are in!

Click here for a Google search on cat rescues in Orange County, CA.

** There is never a guarantee a rescue will have space available. **


Visit KittenLady.org and AlleyCat.org for more information.


There is NEVER a guarantee of a rescue group or foster network having room for additional cats and kittens. Sometimes the best course of action is to ask your own network of friends and family but NEVER take the cat to a pound! Google and Facebook are your friends! **