Cat Café & Lounge Rules

1. Caturday property, human visitors, and cats in our lounge must be treated kindly and with respect. Please follow the rules to ensure a great experience for all.

Anyone not following rules can and will be asked to leave without a refund.

2. Adult supervision is required for all participants under the age of 12 and all entries require a signed waiver.

3. Please do not bring your own animals into our building. Due to the unique nature of our facility, this also includes service animals and companions.

4. Enter the Cat Lounge at your own risk. Some cats like to cuddle, but also possess real, sharp teeth and claws. Cats in our lounge are less likely to do this, but there is a possibility they may scratch or bite.

5. Do not pull on or squeeze a cat’s ears, tails, whiskers, etc.

6. Do NOT pick up cats or restrict their movement. Some cats do like to be held, but please ask a Caturday staff member or volunteer for assistance.

7. Social media and sharing is very welcomed. Please just don’t use flash on the kitties.

8. Do not let the kitties eat or drink any of your human snacks or treats.

9. No yelling or screaming. No running or jumping on furniture.

10. Please do not chase the cats.